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What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive systems approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social culture needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.

As a Response to Intervention model, PBIS applies a three-tiered system of support, and a problem-solving process to enhance the capacity of schools to effectively educate all students.

Illinois PBIS Network, Revised May 2008. Adapted from "What is school-wide PBS?", OSEP Technical Assistance on Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports.  Access at

Data-based decision-making aligns curricular instruction and behavioral supports to student and staff needs.  Schools applying PBIS begin by establishing clear expectations for behavior that are taught, modeled, and reinforced across all settings and by all staff.  This provides a host environment that supports the adoption and sustained use of effective academic and social/emotional instruction.  PBIS has proven its effectiveness and efficiency as an Evidence-Based Practice. (Sugai & Horner, 2007).

The principles and practices of PBIS are consistent with federal education mandates such as the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA 2004).  PBIS integrates state school improvement initiatives including Systems of Support, Standards Aligned Curriculum, and Response to Intervention to assist schools in meeting Illinois' educational goals and mandates.


Four Elements of PBIS:

The school-wide PBS process emphasizes the creation of systems that support the adoption and durable implementation of evidence-based practices and procedures, and fit within on-going school reform efforts. An interactive approach that includes opportunities to correct and improve four key elements is used in school-wide PBS focusing on systems, data, practices and outcomes.
  • Outcomes: academic and behavior targets that are endorsed and emphasized by students, families, and educators.
  • Practices: Curricula, instruction, interventions, and strategies that are evidence-based.
  • Data: information that is used to identify status, need for change, and effects of interventions.
  • Systems: supports that are needed to enable the accurate and durable implementation of the practices of PBS.

Tier 1 – School Expectations

The Gregory Way


At Gregory Middle School we expect our students to:  be responsible, be respectful and build positive relationships in every school situation.  We will teach, model, and reinforce to our students these expectations so that they occur in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, bathroom, assemblies, and on the bus.

  • Listen and respect ALL adults
  • Be courteous to classmates
  • Use appropriate language and nonviolent behavior
  • NO throwing
  • WALK!
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself!!
  • It's your school, make it GREAT!
  • Respect other's property
  • Leave places the way you found them or better
  • NO graffiti
  • Be in your seat on time
  • Be there, be ready
  • Complete assignments on time


Bus Area
  • Do not distract the bus driver
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Remain seated
  • Follow directions
  • Stay on the sidewalks
  • Know and follow the bus rules
  • Talk quietly to your neighbor
  • Interact in a positive manner
  • Use appropriate language and voice
Commons Area
  • Don't push or run
  • Wait your turn
  • Listen to ALL lunch staff
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Put trash in the proper bin
  • Stay seated until dismissed
  • Listen to announcements
  • Don't cut in line
  • Display good manners
  • Listen and follow all directions
  • Use the stairways appropriately
  • Carry and display a pass
  • Stay to the right
  • Be helpful
  • If you drop something pick it up
  • Put all belongings in your locker
  • Be Responsible - Find a trashcan
  • Walk!
  • Stay to the right
  • Use an inside voice
  • Use the correct staircase

Reward System

An essential component of PBIS is that students are rewarded and recognized when they model the expected behaviors that they are taught.  At Gregory Middle School we reward our students in many ways:

  • A Positive Pioneer Referral
  • Way to Go Cards
  • Got "Caught" be responsible in the Cafeteria Awards
  • Weekly individual drawings
  • Monthly Positive Referral drawings
  • Quarterly Positive Referral drawings
  • Student of the Month
  • Pioneer Pride Recipients

Helpful Links

These are useful links that parents can look into:

Tier 2 – Supports

At Gregory Middle School we offer a variety of support services for students that need a little extra help.  We focus on providing support for students that are identified as having trouble with academics or behavior.  We are able to identify students for the support services through a variety of means:

  • SWIS (school discipline data base)
  • SDS (school academic data base)
  • Teacher recommendation
The goal of our PBIS team is that every student will be successful in school by passing all classes and by receiving no discipline referrals.  Once a student has been identified as a candidate for Tier 2 support they will be able to participate in one or more of the following activities.
  • Check In
  • Check Out
  • Problem Solving Group
  • Organizational Skills Group
  • Social Skills Group
  • Lunch Group
If you should have any questions about any supports offered at Gregory Middle School, please contact (school Guidance Counselor and PBIS coach) or Mrs. Maloney (Assistant Principal) at 630.428.6300.



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